Malisu is a website and integrated design studio specialising in fashion, luxury lifestyle branding and e-commerce. We provide advertising and branding services that suit each and every client. Here, at Malisu, it all starts over a nice cup of coffee. You tell us your story and we absorb every second of it. We promise to uncover your business goals and traverse through to the final products to identify your authentic style. Every company has a unique voice and we need to know yours. Let your company blossom with our innovative approaches and elegant touches of graphics.

Simplicity is the key.


“Variety of my design experience ranges from experimental processes to high-end products. For bigger projects, I collaborate with a tight-knit in-house team of experts: researchers, designers and innovation pioneers. I like to make sure that my customer stays on-trend with reinvented classics and graphic essentials. Formerly I worked as a graphic designer in different fashion houses across the world and discovered one thing: simplicity is the key. Since then this discovery became my signature style. Welcome to Malisu.

Lina Kukulske, Founder and Creative Director


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